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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It's a self-directed training that allows you to learn based on your availability .

No, there is no payment required to start the Boot Camp.

Our 'Pay When You're Hired' model is indicative of how much we care about
empowering our students and preparing them to pursue the career of their lives. We
invest in you first, so our student do not make any payments until they are hired.

* have a positive attitude
* be people person
* genuinely enjoy helping people and teammates
* possess a servant-leader mentality
* hold a Bachelor’s degree

Yes. We do everything we possibly can!
Our team will help you:
* Prepare a resume and portfolio
* Practice interviews, and even help you in salary negotiation.
We empower you with the skills and confidence to take the interview, and land the
dream job.

We have Q&A portion in every class to ask any questions. In addition, you will
participate in weekly meetings with our Agile Coaches to answer any questions you
might have, and let you know the next steps in the Boot Camp.

Yes, a bachelor’s degree is required.

Ready to hustle?